SBS understands the importance of optimizing the investments you make in your infrastructure as your business needs evolve. Our Specialists are experts in architecture, implementation and operation of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure solutions. Drawing from the immense depth of the team’s technical knowledge and experience, SBS’ Specialists are able to refactor applications to take advantage of the cloud, protecting the functionality you need and the investment you have made.

Because industry leaders look to SBS to help define how their platforms evolve, our specialists are aware of the most cutting-edge options available as they customize a solution for your organization.

Utilizing SBS’ SOLAR methodology, SBS’ Cloud Specialists are able to transition programs, divisions or entire organizations to cloud based environments in an efficient, cost effective manner. SBS’ customization approach guarantees to minimize the impact of cloud transition to your ongoing operations, while returning meaningful flexibility, scalability and security for your infrastructure needs.

SOLAR Solutions

  • Situational appropriate
  • Operationally viable
  • Limit exposure
  • Achieve client requirements
  • ROI driven

Cloud based solutions in a real-time, virtual environment can provide a cost effective, flexible approach to IT management. As a result, more companies are looking to cloud computing to provide their organization with benefits that include: reduced IT expenditures, greater scalability, nearly 100% uptime, elimination of hardware maintenance, a reduction in technical staffing requirements, greater productivity and connectivity for the workforce, instant service addition or removal, and immediate ROI allowing resources to be focused on innovation and development rather than operation. Find out how SBS can help your organization transition to, expand or optimize a presence in the cloud

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