Data Analytics

As we transition from a knowing culture to a learning culture, organizations are beginning to understand that the true value of data lies in the insights it can provide to an organization once properly digested. SBS’ Data Analytics practitioners strive to efficiently generate value through the use of tools and the creation of processes that support a cohesive ecosystem in which data analytics are fully integrated.

The SBS Data Analytics practice seeks first to define the aim of the data analytics function within the partner organization. Whether focused in a target area or more broadly applied to the business, our Data Analytics Practitioners can help both define and achieve a desired outcome. Regardless of whether the goal is to elevate customer experience, drive supply chain optimization, or improve asset performance management, in today’s environment, data is not the differentiator, talent is. The SBS team contributes to the evolution of tools in the Data Analytics arena, keeping SBS at the forefront of technology and simultaneously attracting curious, aggressive and forward looking talent to the team.

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Some of the technologies utilized by SBS’ Data Analytics Practice include: